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Jellystone Designs Wobble Penguin

Jellystone Designs Wobble Penguin

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Penguin Wobble - Introducing the delightful Penguin Wobble by Jellystone Designs, the ultimate companion for your little one's tummy time and crawling adventures. This adorable wobbling penguin is designed to provide maximum entertainment, wobbling, and captivating your child as they play.

With its cleverly weighted base, the Penguin Wobble effortlessly bounces back upright after being knocked over, inviting your child to engage in endless fun and discovery. Its soft and inviting texture makes it perfect for little hands to hold, shake, and topple, promoting fine motor skills and coordination development. Invite delightful wobbling adventures with the Penguin Wobble, featuring a charming soft mint colour that adds a touch of whimsy and serenity to your child's playtime. It's the perfect toy to captivate their attention and encourage visual focus during those early developmental stages.

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